Design process

Client Vision & Scope

Conduct a thorough client consultation to understand preferences, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals.

Collaborate with our in-house design team to translate client vision into a comprehensive project scope.
Design Development
Present initial design concepts, mood boards, and sketches to visually communicate proposed ideas.
Gather client feedback through collaborative sessions and refine designs for a personalized touch.
Material Showcase & Procurement
Explore material options in our showroom, showcasing a curated selection of premium choices.
Utilize our supply expertise to guide clients in selecting materials that align with their design preferences.
Supply Coordination
Leverage our supply department to coordinate with trusted vendors, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries.
Streamline the procurement process by placing orders directly through our in-house capabilities.
Paperwork & Approvals
Manage all necessary paperwork, including permits, leveraging our expeditor department's local expertise.
Facilitate client approvals for designs, materials, and paperwork, ensuring a smooth regulatory process.
Renovation & Construction Oversight
Develop detailed project timelines in collaboration with our construction department.
Provide on-site oversight during renovations, ensuring seamless coordination with contractors.
Installation & Furnishing
Oversee the delivery and installation process, ensuring products meet quality standards.
Enhance spaces with a personalized touch, drawing from our exclusive showroom offerings.
Quality Check, Client Walkthrough, & Completion
Conduct a meticulous quality check at every stage, backed by the expertise of our construction and design teams.
Guide clients through a comprehensive walkthrough of the completed space, addressing any final adjustments.
Provide detailed final documentation, including warranties and maintenance instructions, to ensure a seamless project completion.
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