The EVOLINE collection by MOMA Design embraces simplicity in its fundamental shapes and the gradual closure of drawers, highlighting the beauty of the 45° angle. The design of the collection centers around the harmonious combination of materials, where wood, Solid Surface, and stone converge seamlessly, creating a “sculptural” aesthetic that makes it one of our cherished collections. 


MOMA Design’s VICTORIA collection achieves a distinctive synthesis of two essential materials within the cabinet – porcelain stoneware and wood. This unique combination not only harmonizes seamlessly but also captures the essence of the collection’s forms. With a myriad of creative possibilities, such as integrating stoneware tops with lacquered or wood veneer fronts, Solid Surface tops with stoneware fronts, and a variety of configurations featuring open compartments, drawers, or doors, the collection unfolds as a series of uniquely elegant episodes that redefine bathroom furnishing. 


The ELEGANCE collection by MOMA Design introduces a groundbreaking concept where meticulous attention to detail defines the essence. This avant-garde furniture project presents a deconstructed piece, emphasizing the purity of its form. The drawer, assuming the dual role of both structure and container, underscores the simplicity of the design. The fronts, offered in options like smoked tempered glass, wood, or lacquered MDF, contribute to the collection’s refined and exclusive aesthetic. Intricate touches, including the internal warm LED light, add incomparable sophistication to this exceptional product. 


SLIMLINE stands as the embodiment of MOMA Design’s essence, a realm where the fusion of two disparate materials unfolds with unparalleled uniqueness. The Solid Surface frame, exuding both purity and strength, harmoniously joins forces with the sophistication of stoneware or the richness of wooden essences like Canaletto walnut, ebony, rosewood, and wengé on the fronts. This extraordinary marriage births not just furniture but eternal, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The realm of compositional possibilities becomes boundless with SLIMLINE, where the epitome of personalized design reaches unprecedented levels of distinction and uniqueness. 

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