Our team

Our accomplished team, led by our visionary CEO, comprises expert designers specialized in bathrooms, kitchens, interiors, and exteriors, along with a skilled architect, Supply Department Manager, and Construction Department Manager. With over decades of collective experience, our team transforms visions into realities. From serene crafting bathrooms to designing culinary hubs, curating indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring top-tier material sourcing, and executing flawless construction, each member contributes to our commitment to excellence.  

Welcome to a world where dreams take shape, meticulously guided by a dedicated and talented team. 

CEO: Sergei Romanovsky
Sergei Romanovsky
An architectural university graduate with 25+ years of experience in construction and interior design, passionate about excellence, leads with visionary expertise, shaping innovative and functional spaces that surpass expectations.
Lead architect: Eugene Rybak
Eugene Rybak
Lead architect
Decades of experience in architectural and engineering design, construction monitoring and inspections. Covers full Architectural Service including all types of Alterations, New Buildings, Legalizations, Property Inspections, Zoning Studies and more.
Bathroom Architect and Designer - Ignazio Di Masi
Ignazio Di Masi
Bathroom Architect and Designer
An Architect and Designer of consolidated experience and recognized prestige. He graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in 1984 and began to take his first steps in the world of Architecture and Design.
Kitchen designer - Zhanna Kotova
Zhanna Kotova
Kitchen designer
Master’s degree in architecture 25+ years of extensive experience in designing and building interior spaces. Her signature look is a glamorous modern "new age" ambiance that combines clean modern lines with exquisite and eclectic concept.
Interior and Exterior designer: Tanya Bogota
Tanya Bogota
Interior and Exterior designer
Professional interior and exterior designer with more than 10 years of experience NY tri-state area.
Interior designer - Tatyana Dyagileva
Tatyana Dyagileva
Interior designer
With decades of diverse experience, our adept interior designer seamlessly navigates various styles, bringing a unique touch to each project. Their versatile expertise ensures personalized and timeless interiors that consistently exceed expectations.
Supply Dept. manager: Eduardo Di Masi
Eduardo Di Masi
Supply Dept. manager
Our experienced Supply Department Manager adeptly controls the entire supply chain from Italy, ensuring a seamless and high-quality material sourcing process for every project.
Construction Dept. manager - Sergei Romanovsky
Sergei Romanovsky
Construction Dept. manager
With 25+ years of construction experience and over a thousand completed projects, he is a seasoned professional. Committed to idealism and perfection in every step, they bring unparalleled expertise to ensure precision and excellence in each construction phase.
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