Design and construction department

Design department

Welcome to our Design Oasis, where creativity knows no bounds. Our design department, a collective of five distinct style maestros and a seasoned architect, stands ready to transform your vision into reality. Each designer is a virtuoso in their unique style, ensuring that every facet of your project is curated with unparalleled expertise. Whether you lean towards modern, traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or classic aesthetics, our versatile team has you covered. No need is too small, no dream too big – we’re here to tailor an experience that surpasses all expectations. Prepare to be pampered with the highest level of service you’ve ever encountered. Your journey with us is not just about design; it’s about creating an enduring masterpiece that resonates with your individual style and aspirations. Welcome to a realm where design dreams come to life in the hands of our exceptional team, including our talented architect. 

Construction department

Beyond our unparalleled design and supply departments, we proudly house our own construction company with over 20 years of expertise. A seamless A to Z experience awaits you, starting from our designer’s sketch and extending to the final touches furnished by our supply department. Our construction team, fully licensed and insured, takes charge of every detail. From obtaining city permits to managing inspections throughout the project, we ensure a hassle-free process. Our construction department not only brings your vision to life but does so with flying colors, translating every design concept into a tangible masterpiece. Welcome to a comprehensive journey where innovation, quality, and meticulous execution converge for an exceptional outcome. 

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